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Yann Secouet - About

I was born in France but have lived in England all my life. I paid no attention at school but somehow blagged my way into University to study graphic design.

At my graduation show, Graham McCallum invited me to train at McCallum Kennedy D’Auria, a leading branding and title sequence company in London. He was a very inspirational part of my career, teaching me to craft ideas rather than just pretty design.

Graham McCallum set up Kemistry Design in 1997 and asked me to be part of the team. I made title sequences for both TV and Film as well as TV idents and promos. I won some awards, a few pencils, and the attention of Lowe’s who asked me to direct a sequence of films for SAAB.

In 2004 I teamed up with Mark Murrell at 76LTD. That gave me the chance to meet, collaborate and work with some of the industries leading talents and characters.

Since then, I have filmed campaigns for many different agencies and clients, this repository is a small collection of my more recent work.