Food Photography

Below are some examples of concept food photography work created at Black Cherry Studios for previous projects and TVC’s.


I am a freelance commercials director based in the UK specialising in Cars, Food and in-camera effects.

Please contact me directly via the contact section. or Minted Content for all U.S. commercials enquiries.

About Me

I’m a Dad, a part-time geek and a foodie.

I live in North Yorkshire where I have set up my own test studio. This is where I get to experiment with techniques, rigs and weird lenses. In fact all the photography on this site was shot in the studio for active treatments.

About MY Work

Commercial Directors (grudgingly) get put into boxes; specialists at this or that. I have always found it hard to put myself solely within a single genre. 

So, below are two brief statements of why I love what I do.
People see real-life every day. I like creating slants on reality or bringing ideas to life in exciting ways, exploring a subject with ultra macro, high speed or in-camera effects that immerse the viewer.
The challenge of drawing a viewer into (and accepting) an implausible or heightened reality creates unique challenges. Devising the techniques, rigs and sequence we need to achieve an idea is a beautiful problem to solve.


I was born in France but have lived in England all my life. I paid no attention at school but somehow blagged my way into University to study graphic design.

At my graduation show, Graham McCallum invited me to train at McCallum Kennedy D’Auria, a leading branding and title sequence company in London. He was a very inspirational part of my career, teaching me to craft ideas rather than just do pretty design.

Graham McCallum set up Kemistry Design in 1997 and asked me to be part of the team. I made title sequences for both TV and Film as well as TV idents and promos. I won some awards, a few pencils, and the attention of Lowe’s who asked me to direct a sequence of films for SAAB.

I was really fortunate to continue working with SAAB for the next 10 years, making TVC’s and Exhibition films. I travelled the world in search of new locations and sometimes they even weren’t covered in snow.

In 2004 I teamed up with Mark Murrell at 76LTD. That gave me the chance to meet, collaborate and work with some of the industries leading talents and characters.

Since then, I have filmed campaigns for many different agencies and clients, this repository is a small collection of my more recent work.

About Black Cherry Films Studio

BCF Studio is a specialist table top and SFX studio. Founded in 2017 as a home studio to service the work of commercials director Yann Secouet, it has evolved into a unique resource for the Advertising industry.

Our approach is based on the concept of remote working and caters for both high end film production and TVC food photography.

Visit the BCF Studio page to discover our processes and view samples of our work, get in contact or find out more.


Olivado Wipe - Yann Secouet


Black Cherry Films teamed up with Hushed Planet to create this eye-catching summer social campaign showcasing their range of oils available in the UK.

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Black Cherry Films BTS

Black Cherry Films BTS

Here are some sneak shots of the crew working on one of the productions shot at Black Cherry Films Studio over the 2020 Summer.

The whole shoot was shot under strict COVID19 rules, with client and agency remotely attending.

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BCF STUDIO GIN SHACK - Ginformercial

Gin Shack

Shot entirely in our home studio under strict COVID 19 guidelines, ‘Ginfomercial’ is part of a wider social message to remind everyone that Gin Shack still delivers your favourite Gin and mixers to your door.

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